Pwani and Unilever are the only 2 companies providing soaps to serve 20 million Kenyans who are at or below the poverty line as per the National Census of 2019. We are providing this support at cost to reflect the alliance’s guiding principles: this is for impact, not for profit; speed is critical; and we leave no-one behind.

Pwani is a member of Safe Hands Kenya, a mission-driven alliance of Kenyan companies that will be providing soap, hand sanitiser, surface disinfectant and masks for free throughout the country as a first line of defence in the fight against Covid-19. You can read more about the coalition on our brand new website.

Pwani Oil Products’ goal is to drive awareness quickly against Covid 19. We will be following the Safe Hands Kenya Twitter account from the Pwani account and it would be great if you could help us by following Safe Hands Kenya on Twitter and sharing any content you might find interesting with your networks. The public behaviour change campaign – Tiba Ni Sisi (Swahili for We Are The Cure) will launch tomorrow – look out for #TibaNiSisi across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

I’d like to thank all involved in making this happen within 2 weeks – like all world-class Kenyan endeavours it’s a marathon run at a sprint pace 🙂

It’s super exciting to be part of a dynamic initiative that unites private, public and community stakeholders around a shared vision and purpose. I’m proud that Pwani is contributing to the Covid-19 response in a way that we hope will literally save lives – we hope you are too 🙂

Wash Hands
Use Masks
Keep Social Distance
Stay Home

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