The Safe Hands Kenya campaign to stop the spread of Covid-19 has received a boost after Pwani Oil announced that it will contribute 5.5. million kilograms of soap for distribution to Kenyans. The campaign is aimed at rallying Kenyans to join hands through behavior change and social distancing, good sanitary practices and other measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.  

Pwani Oil has donated foodstuff and hygiene items worth Ksh 1.5 million to be distributed to 10,000 families in Kilifi County. The donation comprising soap and cooking oil was received by Kilifi County officials. Last month, the company also donated 20 hand washing kits to police stations in the County./p>

Pwani Oil Commercial Director Rajul Malde described the Safe Hands campaign as a noble cause and pledged his company’s full support.

“As a company, we have actively partnered with Kenyans of goodwill as the country steps up efforts to halt Covid 19. We are proud to be part of Safe Hands Kenya, a noble cause bringing together Kenyans from diverse backgrounds in the fight against this disease,” said Mr. Malde.

He added that the company was committed to working with the national and county governments, and other Kenyans of goodwill, to help communities mitigate the challenges presented by Covid 19. 

Wash Hands
Use Masks
Keep Social Distance
Stay Home

“The partial lockdown, coupled with social distancing, is bound to affect many poor households in Kilifi and other parts of the country. Covid 19 has disrupted life in our communities hence the need to provide social support during this difficult period,” said Mr. Malde.  

He further said that Pwani Oil wants to partner with counties to improve access to sanitation as the country is facing the threat of Covid-19. 

Safe Hands Kenya, a private-sector driven initiative bringing together technology firms, manufacturers, suppliers, media and community based organisations, is also distributing free soap, sanitisers, surface disinfectants and masks.

Pwani Oil has also partnered with the government and various organizations to scale up provision of sanitary items like soap, hand sanitizers and hand washing kits to the general public, and for use by health workers in hospitals across the country.

Among the beneficiaries are Kenya Ferry Services, National Police Service, Kenya Progressive Nurses Association and various counties.

Pwani Oil, working with Kenya Pipeline Company, has supported the production of 60,000 bottles of hand sanitizers. The company has also reduced prices of its soap brands to make them affordable and promote regular washing of hands as a way of preventing the spread of Covid 19. 

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