Manufacturer Pwani Oil Product Limited has partnered with Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) to provide soap and hand-washing kits for thousands of commuters using one of Kenya’s largest transportation hubs as part of ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

The ferry service provides transport to over 300,000 pedestrians and 6,000 vehicles daily at the Likoni Channel in Mombasa and in Kisumu, making it one of the largest public transport providers in the region.

Pwani Oil will provide 720 pieces of Detrex Antibacterial Soap brand daily for the next 10 days with KFS providing hand-washing kits at strategic points to cater for thousands of commuters who use the ferry services daily.
This comes as the government implements public health measures aimed to curbing the potential spread of COVID-19 after the country reported its first case of the disease on March 13.

Pwani Oil Commercial Director Rajul Malde said his company is rolling out initiatives to sensitize the public on the importance of personal hygiene as an effective weapon against COVID-19 which has so far infected over 200,000 people worldwide and killed 8,000.

“Pwani Oil is concerned about the serious health challenge posed by the spread of the Coronavirus globally. We are working with the Government and other stakeholders to promote public awareness of preventive measures against the disease which include personal hygiene,” he said.

He added: “We are aware of the large number of commuters using the ferry services daily and are ready to support the measures Kenya Ferry has already put in place including provision of hand-washing kits. Public transport providers have a vital role to play in curbing the spread of the disease.”

On his part, Kenya Ferry Services Managing Director Bakari Gowa thanked Pwani Oil for the gesture saying it will go a long way in ensuring that commuters have access to adequate hygiene amenities as they board and disembark from the ferri

“We must all pull together in the fight against COVID-19 and the support we have received from Pwani Oil is timely and beneficial to the entire community of thousands of ferry users in Mombasa. We urge other companies and Kenyans of goodwill to emulate this Pwani Oil.” said Mr. Gowa.

Earlier this week, Pwani Oil announced reduction on prices of some of its edible oil and soap products to make them more affordable to Kenyans in a bid to promote healthy nutrient intake and personal hygiene as a way of fighting Coronavirus in the country.

The company reduced the price of its Fresh Fri Garlic brand of cooking oil which has garlic oil and fortified with Vitamins A and D – critical in fighting viral infections- and the prices of its Detrex brand of soap. The firm is also rolling out 150 hand washing kits in major towns including Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru and Nyeri. 

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