Diva antibacterial Bathing Soap

Diva antibacterial Bathing Soap

Anti-bacterial beauty soap

Diva Beauty Soap is the only bacterial beauty soap in the East African market.

  • Diva is a uniquely formulated, antibacterial beauty soap benefiting even the most dry and sensitive skin without that dry, tight, itchy feeling from other soaps

  • It is crafted with glycerin to give you smooth, healthy glowing skin and to protect your skin from germs all day long

  • Diva gives a feel of fresh confidence

Available in a range of creamy, fruity, flowery and herbal scents: Milky Nuts, Citrus ‘n Cream, Sunshine Fruit, Mango Temptation, Olive ‘n Tulip and Aloe Vera

Fresh Confidence
 smooth, healthy glowing skin