Another one from the Innovators: WHITEWASH EXTRA!

23rd of September will be remembered as a historical day in Pwani’s milestones and Kenyan FMCG market at large!

Ever heard of a bar soap that contains washing powder and fabric softer all in one bar soap? No? Introducing Whitewash Extra! The 3 in 1 laundry bar soap.

The latest Pwani ‘baby’ Whitewash Extra was launched at the world at the Travelers Beach hotel where 300 invited guests witnessed the unveiling of this revolutionary new soap brand into the Kenyan market. Pwani associates from all corners of the country were hosted to a weekend long of engaging activities at this luxurious Mombasa holiday resort hotel.

Guests received on Arrival at the Moi International Airport Mombasa


Guests received on Arrival at the Moi International Airport Mombasa


Pwani Staff Receiving Guests


Police escort given to our VIP guests throughout their travel in Mombasa


Hugs and smiles reflected the true picture of Pwani Life!


Hugs and smiles reflected the true picture of Pwani Life!


Customers got briefed on the Manufacturing process before the actual factory tour in Jomvu


‘Family’ Photo: those that make Pwani Life a reality. Pwani Staff and Customers at a factory visit in Jomvu, Mombasa


VIP Reception at the Beach Hotel

Led by the commercial director Rajul Malde, this revolutionary new bar soap was introduced to the world as the first laundry bar that contains detergent powder and fabric softener!

Our CD presenting the WWE journey


Here it is! The beauty that is Whitewash Extra!

Whitewash Extra is unique in its forming ability since it contains detergent powder which are visible on the bar soap as blue speckles. When these speckles or Vingarishi are released in water, a forming reaction is caused in either soft or hard water. This form helps in loosening and lifting of dirt particles on any fabric. Further to this, Whitewash Extra contains fabric softer which leaves clothes soft and feeling fresh due to the soft scent that is incorporated in the soap.

What does all this mean?

  • Save money– because one no longer needs expensive detergents or fabric softeners in their routine laundry processes
  • Save water– as you only need 2-3 buckets of water to launder clothes.
  • Save time– no need for a pre-soak with detergent. With Whitewash Extra, all the traditional elements are incorporated in one soap thus cutting time spent on laundry by half!

Sampling the ‘goodies’. Pwani staff sharing the Whitewash Extra feel and performance in water

As if this was not enough, Pwani appointed a reknown comedian, Timothy Ndegwa AKA “Njugush” to be its brand ambassador.

Rajul Malde and Njugush lifting the ‘Loaded’ White Wash Extra.


Rajul Malde and Njugush are all smiles as they get feedback on White Wash Extra.


A moment of joy for the two


Vingarishi Only!

All this was witnessed by Pwani trade partners, customers and employees who were indulged in the Pwani Life and uplifting games on the scenic pwani beaches where their inner spirit child was released.

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