Pwani Oil Products (Kikambala Factory)

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Job Summary:
Responsible for executing preventative, predictive maintenance of plant
machinery, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment.

Key Accountabilities.

  • Conduct visual, auditory of inspection of equipment to assess function, including contactor pitting inspections, ampere monitoring and voltage inspections, equipment and bearing temperature inspections, pulley inspections, shaft end-play and shaft deflection inspections, etc.
  • Perform standard preventative maintenance tasks of various pieces of equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s standards, including filter changes, lubrication of bearings and related, inspect/tighten electrical connections, checking refrigerant pressures on all equipment 25 tons or less, inches of water column tests on all forced air gas fired heating units, test and inspect steam traps, etc.
  • Complete minor equipment adjustments and repair, including but not limited to belt replacement/adjustment, alignment and set screw adjustment, chilled water and heating coil cleaning, evaporator, and condensing coil cleaning on equipment 25 tons or less, maintain and treat condensate pans, Identify, evaluate and make recommendations related to equipment condition in order to prevent and/or minimize equipment failures and down time.
  • Complete preventative maintenance forms as provided and prepare reports. Assist on special projects as may be identified by the Facilities Technician Coordinator.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Diploma or equivalent experience.

Experience: Over five (5) years of experience in the maintenance and repair of plant electrical, mechanical or instrument equipment; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Specific Skills: Considerable knowledge of electrical, mechanical or instrumentation trades; considerable knowledge of the tools, equipment and materials used in maintaining plant electrical, mechanical or instrument equipment; working knowledge of electronic data processing concepts. Ability to read and understand blueprints, schematics, drawings and service manuals; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; ability to keep records. Skill in the electrical, mechanical or instrumentation trades. Computer literate – working knowledge of Microsoft Office

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Vacancy: Preventive Maintenance Technician