Protection Policy Launch

Pwani Oil is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct in the fulfillment of its vision and mission. As a responsible market leader, it is important to keep communication lines open and most importantly transparent at all times. It is for this reason that we have launched the Pwani Ongea communication platform where all stakeholders and employees have the opportunity to give feedback about their experiences with the organisation.

Pwani Ongea is an independent whistleblowing protection policy which allows its staff and stakeholders alike an opportunity to raise concerns about any improprieties. Through this web portal platform, any person in direct contact with Pwani staff or extended parties can log on and report on any misgivings

This policy is designed to offer protection to those employees and stakeholders who disclose concerns made in good faith. The company also guarantees that such disclosures are treated in a confidential and sensitive manner. The identity of any report will be made confidential as the company seeks ways and means of investigating and resolving the reported case.

pwani ongea

Evolution/Revolution! Pwani B2B App Launched

Pwani Launches the a Business to Business Mobile Application

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The Pwani App is a one stop solution to bringing Pwani to the customers by

  • Enabling order placement at the customer’s preferred price 24 hours a day
  • Showing the customers history i.e. past orders, delivery status, payment/account tracking, credit terms etc
  • Order configuration at the customers ease
  • Online communiqué with a customer’s service executive allocated to his/her account

Simply download the App from the App Store or Google Play Store, log in and shop!

This Pwani App is here to revolutionize your business experience forever.

Pwani B2B App

Pwani B2B App Installation Manual

Celebrating Pwani Talent and Birthdays

They say all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy…. We at Pwani remind you of the birthday babies every month bearing in mind that this might easily slip off your priority list….these are July August babies

The last time you had a quiz was in your interview with HR… but when his team set the “ Pwani quiz fire” event to staff members; it was prudent to reward those whose brains remembered most of the answers to his questions. Congratulations to all who participated in the fun!

Pwani Oil Giving Back To the Society

We at Pwani Oil do not fear the Social responsibility part of Corporates, no wonder we have this programs set across to give back to our Consumers.

Last weekend it was time to donate lots of our Bathing soaps, Sanitary Pads and cooking oil to Nuru children’s Home in Bamburi and Kipevu children’s home.

It feels great to put a smile in these children’s life.

Giving the children an assurance that wee care and love makes a whole big difference #Pwanilife.


Preserving the environment: Due to deforestation, Pwani oil seeks to restore the “Coastal breeze” back to its feet and we all went out to a tree planting activity in Miritini and Chaani primary school-Jomvu. Teaching the young of the importance of  having trees in the environment # Pwanilife.



Unveiling new look Salit vegetable cooking oil

Salit is triple refined, cholesterol free vegetable cooking oil in the Pwani’s list of edible oils brands. The brand was launched in 1998 in 10l and 20l packs. In 2008, Pwani Introduced in consumer packs ranging from ½, 1, 2, 3 and 5litres.

Over the years there have been major changes on the packaging including the jerry can, label and cap. Pwani Oil is known in the market as a leader in innovation and this is enabled by our need to constantly meet consumer needs gathered through research. In line with this, we developed the New Salit in a ‘lady like’ shapely jerry can fitted with a non-drip spout which helps in precision pouring. This spout is technologically created such that it would save upto 6% of oil that would otherwise be spilled while in usage.

On the 13th of May, the new Salit was launched at the Nyali Beach Resort in Mombasa.

The chairman, Ramesh Malde hosted guests for a dinner event where the full range of the new look Salit was unveiled.

This was an activity filled day where among the guests invited were customers who came from all regions in Kenya.



The guests were given 5 star VIP treatments whereby they visited the two factories based in Jomvu and Kikambala. They were given indepth manufacturing process of Pwani range of products. Guests also visited iconic sites in Mombasa to get an intimate feel of the coast.



The main event was held at a dinner function where the Commercial Director Rajul Malde addressed the guests.

Guests also included those in the 4th Estate, who captured significant moments throughout the event.

This great day was marked with other funfilled entertainment segments.



POPL Recognition at the CIO 100 East African Technical & Innovation Awards

Isn’t it great when hard work and determination is recognized and rewarded? Team Pwani bags another reason to smile at the 2016 CIO awards.

Pwani was ranked the 7th most technologically innovative company in East Africa. This was through recognition of development of a Business Intelligence (BI) Software tool used for sales and finance data analysis which enables the team get insights on the business position and monitor trends. Pwani was also recognized on its efforts in developing and rolling out of a mobile sales app used by its vast sales representatives spread across the region.

Our IT Manager, (LHS) Aliasger Bharmal & Applications senior executive Godfrey Ogondi, accepted the award on behalf of the company.


We are very proud of the IT department and encourage them to soar to new heights. Pwani Life is a game changing winning team and we celebrate when any member of the family wins. Upwards and onwards!

Pwani Life Staff get together and let their hair down at the 2017 Founder’s day

The family that plays together stays together. Pwani Life knows this and therefore, every year the entire Pwani Family meets for a fulfilled day in Mombasa to celebrate its founders. The Chairman, Mr Ramesh Malde hosts an annual party and this year the venue was the Wild Waters park in Nyali, Mombasa.


This day also marked Mr. Chairman’s birthday where he celebrated with all Pwani staff. The day was filled with engaging activities, water games, skits and recognition of various staff from different departments

When it comes to fun, you can never go wrong with food, games and water. No wonder Pwani life has such long serving staff like … who has seen POPL evolve from humble beginnings and has no plans for leaving anytime soon.

Judging from the energy at founder’s day, 2017 will be a great year for Pwani. Long live the founders!


Ending 2016 Pwani style by celebrating it with Loyal customers

At Pwani life, we value our customers and know that when the customer comes first, a customer will last. Therefore, we always take it upon ourselves to reward loyalty each year.

In October 2016, POPL extended a promotion whereby any customer was required to uplift a specified amount to products within the 3 month promotion period (Oct-Dec) to stand a chance to win. This was done with the aim of creating binding and empowering partnerships which in turn open up business and employment opportunities to Kenyans of all walks of life.


Therefore by creating these opportunities, Pwani awarded an assortment 10 vehicles ranging from canters, proboxes, tuktuks &motorbikes.


On 11th March, our commercial director Rajul Malde hosted the winners at a luncheon at our Kikambala factory premises, where the vehicles were flagged off to the rightful owners.


What a wonderful way to end the year on high note. The POPL family is growing stronger and the sky is the limit. When you take care of your people, your people will take care of your business.