Sunfresh Oil

Sunfresh Pure sunflower cooking Oil is the latest oil brand in the Pwani Life portfolio that was introduced in the market earlier this year.

Sunfresh, made from Sunflower seeds and infused with omega 6&9 comes in a 2L clear (transparent PET) jerrican and sits in the soft oil category. The Premium oil offers Pwani Life the opportunity to have a slice of the category’s current market share top brands with some of the main competing brands being Elianto, Rinsun, SunGold, Amber among others.

Brand Features

Being a liquid cooking oil that is very low in saturated fatty acids or trans fats, Sunfresh hold its own unique qualities such as;


  • Contains 0% cholesterol – which is boosts heart health and major body organs.
  • Contains minerals such as
    • Vitamins A- which is good for vision
    • Vitamin D which is great for bones, joints and general skeletal development
    • Omega 6 & 9 which helps lower high blood pressure and general heart health

Brand DNA

The Oil also has a unique type of target audience that fit in classes A & B which thereby gives the brand an outstanding DNA synopsis. In the event that the brand was humanized, Sunfresh is a 35 year old urban centric woman with an for class, elegance, uniqueness and top notch choice. She holds the financial capacity to offer the very best of life choices to her family having a stable financial platform.

Brand Listing

Sunfresh Oil is currently listing in most of the country’s leading modern trade outlets. Some of this include; Carrefour, Quickmart, Mathai, Society Stores, Tuskys, Shopice, Chandarana among others. The 2-litre jerrican is currently retailing at 520/=