Detrex Soap

Detrex Soap

Ultimate Skin Protection

Detrex Soaps are medicated and specially formulated to cleanse the skin and protect against germs.

  • Contains a special element Triclocarban (TCC), which protects the skin from common skin ailments by
    killing disease-causing germs.

  • Enriched with Aloe Vera guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth after use.

Available in Aloe Vera, Pine Drops, Cool Mint

Skin Protection
Natural Products
Protects against germs

Detrex Soap Variants

Detrex Aloe Vera

Enriched with aloe vera extracts, that help reduces inflammation, moisturize the skin and slow down skin aging.

Detrex Cool Mint

Contains mint that has a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin and is known to tone, soothe skin irritation and keep the skin hydrated.

Detrex Pine Drops

Known for its anti-inflammatory effects which help reduce skin inflammation.

Detrex Yellow

Infused with aromatic Citronella Oil that is known to repel insects and help protect families. The Product can help repel mosquitos that cause Malaria and other diseases.