Pwani Oil Products Ltd. (POPL) is committed to producing safe and consistently good quality products that meet customer, regulatory and health requirements.

This will be accomplished by establishing the following:

Establishment and maintenance of food safety management systems in accordance with the International Standard ISO 22000: 2018.

Extensive procedures to control the manufacturing, safety, hygiene, and quality of our products at all stages from material suppliers through processing, packaging and distribution to our customers and consumers.

Conducting hazard analysis to identify and assess potential hazards in our processes and implement risk-based preventive controls to mitigate these risks.

Continuous training of all POPL staff on food safety practices and procedures to ensure implementation and continuity of a food safety culture.

Continuous improvement by regularly monitoring, evaluating, and auditing our processes, seeking feedback from customers, employees, and regulatory bodies to drive enhancements and make proactive changes to prevent food safety incidences.


Conducting food safety team meetings and management reviews for continual improvement of our systems and to ensure that all necessary support, resources, and leadership required to sustain the food safety management system are availed.

Communicating quality and food safety aspects and requirements to suppliers, contractors, customers and consumers and principal stakeholders that have an impact on POPL’s food safety and quality management systems.

A Food Safety and Quality Policy that will be annually reviewed for continued suitability in line with the business objectives of Pwani Oil Products Ltd.