Energy Management Policy

The Management of Pwani Oil Products Limited is committed to energy efficiency improvement and conservation, environmental protection for sustainable and quality manufacturing. Pursuant to this policy, Pwani Oil Products commits to:

  1. Comply with the Energy Act, 2019, the Energy (Energy Management) Regulations, 2012 and other applicable legal requirements which the organization subscribes to in relation to energy use, consumption and efficiency.
  2. Provide resources, training and all support required to achieve energy efficiency and conservation.
  3. Keep abreast with developments in this area with respect to new conservation techniques. Concerted efforts will be made to identify alternative sources of Energy.
  4. Establish and implement an energy management strategy to facilitate energy efficiency and conservation.
  5. Adoption of appropriate energy-efficient technologies, equipment and processes for all new projects.
  6. Perform Periodic internal and external energy audits to identify and communicate opportunities for improvement and energy conservation.
  7. Document and inculcate energy awareness and training amongst our employees, partners and local communities through communication, education and participation.
  8. This policy will be reviewed regularly and updated at least once every three years to consider changing circumstances and provides opportunities for continuous improvement.

The above Energy Management Policy meets the requirements of The Energy (Energy Management) Regulations, 2012 and is hereby approved by the Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority.