Ushindi Soap

Ushindi Soap

Gentle On Skin,  Smoother finish

Same greatness, more foaming. Ushindi soap that has an overall improved appearance and perfomance. Ushindi is multi-purpose: you can use it for bathing, laundry, and washing dishes.

Stronger, and with more foam.

Ushindi has more foam, it is more creamier and more stable than other soaps in it’s category.

Gentle on your skin

Ushindi soap contains moisturizing glycerine for moisturizing your skin.

Superior Soap Structure

Ushindi is smooth and soft. Ushindi has a wet-bar feel and does not get mushy with water and does not crack after washing.

Ushindi soap variants

We all have different tastes and preferences, and Ushindi soap got all that in consideration

Checkout our Ushindi soap variants that are custom made to your scent and purpose.

Ushindi Blue

Multipurpose soap with stain remover, superior lather and fragrance

Ushindi Yellow Soap

With lemon fragrance and superior lather and freshness

Ushindi White Soap

With glycerine, superior lather, and fragrance

Ushindi Antiseptic Plus

For germ protection, kills germs on your body and clothes.

Ushindi Cream

It foams well, gentle on skin, for clothes and cutlery well too; has higher glycerine content

Ushindi Bar Soap

More creamier and stable foam,  Low mushiness with a Superior soap structure – no cracking after washing.

Ushindi Washing powder.

Ushindi washing powder has a well formulated molecular structure that helps clean dirt, grass stains,  fat and protein molecules from your clothes. Ushindi washing powder dissolves easily in both hard and soft water