White Wash

White wash

Grade 1 Multipurpose Soap

White Wash is the only grade 1 multipurpose soap with 3 in 1 utility which foams more and lasts longer within the East African region.

  • It lathers well in hard or soft water

  • It has a natural blend of cleansing/removing dirt thoroughly in a gentle manner

  • It remains solid even when left in water for longer than 10 – 15 mins

  • Is made with all natural ingredients with absolutely no man made chemicals

  • Is suitable for cleansing dirt on utensils, laundry and body washes

Gentle On Hands
Natural Ingredients
Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Available in different variants;

  • Whitewash White- Brilliant white for all purposes
  • Whitewash Blue- Colour Retainer
  • Whitewash Green- Antibacterial
  • Whitewash Cream- Natural, gentle multipurpose
  • Whitewash Pink- Pure sensations.