Mpishi Poa

Mpishi Poa

Pure & Refined, Cholestral free

Mpishi Poa is a pure white vegetable cooking fat, 100% refined from pure vegetable oil. Mpishi poa is the best vegetable cooking fat in Kenya

  • It’s pilfer-free. Mpishi Poa has a seal that allows the lid to open only after breaking & retains its freshness and reaches you free from contamination

  • It has a box-like shape, which makes the pack to fit in nicely on any shelf, both in the kitchen and supermarket shelf

  • The pack is both Freezer and Microwave friendly. It can be used as a school lunch box

  • It’s cholesterol free, fortified with vitamin A and D which strengthens the immune system and is good for eye sight, healthy bones and teeth.

No cholestrol
Easy to handle
Fortified with vitamin A & D
Recommended Retail Price

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Live A happy, Healthy Life